Pop Music Stars Around The Globe

Hello people, I’m David Banks and I’m writing a blog about the global situation of Hip-hop. In the previous part I talked about the history of this genre, how it emerged from the parties of Bronx and eventually how it became one of the most popular music genres in the world, I talked about the problems that Hip-hop is facing nowadays, the upcoming trend of simpleness that surrounds hip-hop this days and which is why this industry is suffering an intellectual crisis in America. In different countries Hip-hop is perceived differently, as I mentioned in the previous article, rap is a music of truth and every country has young people who have something to say to the government or their brothers and sisters. In European countries Hip-hop often became a weapon of
run 3 unblocked protest in the hands of oppressed people, like immigrants and many others, exactly this was the case in Germany and that is how German Hip-hop progressed, last year I traveled there to get to know some of German rappers and ask them some questions about the industry they were into, how it affected their life and vice versa.

Hip-hop was introduced to Germany in late 1980s, when the country was still divided in two parts, west Germany was under the influence of America and the east was controlled by the Soviet Union. Germany in that time didn’t have American TV channels so they could easily reproduce what they saw on the screen, instead of that the Hip-hop culture was brought to them by the American soldiers that were positioned in the west Germany, Hip-hop culture spread rapidly across the country, because it was a perfect solution for the people who had something to protest and express themselves, breakdancing was also popular in Germany and graffiti became a big part of German culture, since it was introduced to them. Hip-hop music was sung in English in the first few years of its introduction to Germany, first groups that achieved popularity were Die Fantastischen Vier (Fantastic Four) and Advanced Chemistry, this bands also represented the multicultural situation which was happening in Germany in that time, after the 1990s when Germany was reunited, there was a big problem of immigrants that were entering the country, they were living in poor conditions and were stereotyped by the German population, that caused the protest waves of the people that were not German by nationality, but worked and lived at the German land and since Hip-hop helped African people in America to express their problems and struggles, the same happened in Germany, Hip-hop became the language in which immigrants spoke to the public and the same was in reference of breakdancing and graffiti, Hip-hop culture became a significant part of Germany, although the style in which German rappers performed was greatly taken from the American rappers, they gradually started to insert the elements of their own, started to change the face of the culture for it to accommodate the German spirit.

There was some protest because of the fact that German Hip-hop was mainly in English language, it was called cultural imperialism by a part of the community in Germany, but nonetheless English language remained to be a significant part of German Hip-hop, some rappers where using a German dialect which was associated to the neighborhoods in which they grew up. There were immigrants from various countries in Germany at that time, most of them from Europe, specifically Turkey and other European countries, situation in Germany was tense regarding the hate towards the wave of immigrants coming into Germany, so naturally there started to appear many Hip-hop groups made by immigrants, one good example of that is a Turkish group Karakan, which made music about the inequality going on in Germany, it gained popularity very fast because they were singing about things that were relevant at that time.
Time after time German Hip-hop diversified and created elements that was characteristic for German population, the influence of America and the significant share that German immigrants put in progression of Hip-hop made it a genre that was distinguished from any other and for today German rap continues to flourish and progress even more whether by ethnically German population or the immigrants which live in Germany.

This was the story I wanted to tell you for today, in the next part I will be going in countries like france, which is another significant part of global Hip-hop and meet with the rappers Bera who was born in France but proceeded to make a career in Georgia, I will also talk about the situation of Hip-hop in Georgia, how it all started, what challenges did Georgian rappers like Bera had in front of them, I hope you will like the story, because I think that Georgian Hip-hop scene has some kind of Mystique feeling about it.